Where the land and sea connect, Zadar rises past 3000 years. Merging urban lifestyles with nature’s serenity. Feel it! Walking through Zadar in 2 hours you will experience 3000 years of history. Walking along the monuments you will soak in the vibe of the city. The cities are not just the walls but the people, sounds and smells. The walk is fully customizable.

Wars are always messy and confusing, while locals are usually sensitives on the subject. I can defuse it regardless if it is 1990s, 1500s or 1930s in question. The aim of this themed #ZadarWarTour is to unravel details of complicated past. The tour does not include only Zadar Old Town but a visit to the perifery. The transportation can be organized based on your needs and preferences.
The programme lasts 3 hours but can be customized into half or full day excursion to other locations of Zadar County.
There is no travel like time-travel. Let’s revisit history and explore in detail Roman period Zadar. Particapating in #ZadarRomanTour you take part in living history with a guide who is also a storyteller. Follow the steps of Roman Army and learn how they still echo in the present. The city tour lasts 80 minutes and can be upgraded with a visit to Archeological Museum of Zadar or Museum of Ancient Glass.
A picture is worth a thousand words. But sometimes words are necessary to give arts its context. And maybe someone to speed you up through museum? This #ZadarArtsTour aims to present you in 3 hours the most importan artwork of city of Zadar. The tours includes walking tour through the streets of Old Town as well as a visit to Permanent Exibition of Religious Arts. There is more museums and galleries in the city if you have time and wish to visit them!
Outdoors is how I met my friends-collegues who do fishing tours, spelo-adventures, buggy safaries, canoeing, climbing etc. If hike and bike is not enough.
For those with original ideas about things to see and do, I will tailor the tours accordingly.
If you need someone locally to help you handeling your travel related, or event planning obligations or information, I can help.
Zadar County Panoramic Drive takes us in away from the coast, across flat fields, through river canyon, over foot of the mountain to an Island, through villages and historic remains. And still some suprises left 😉